The Steels Creek Community Centre is re-opening its doors with some new operational processes in place. These new practices are designed to assist with infection control as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • You must sign in

All vistors to the centre must now sign-in using the QR code method (preferred) and submit your name and contact number. The QR code is available on the kitchen bench as you enter the centre. Alternatively, you may use the manual vistor registration forms (also on the kitchen bench. However, you will also need to bring your own pen/pencil to comply with sanitisation requirements).

All vistors must use one of the registration methods, in addition to signing the Centre’s normal visitor book (which is required to support the centre for council funding etc).

If you don’t have a phone with coverage at the centre, you will need to use the manual form method.

Note that all online registration data is held by a third party and is strictly held for contract tracing purposes only. You should not be placed on any markeing lists and your details can not be shared or used for any other purpose.

  • You must sanitise on entry and exit

Hand sanitizer is available at the centre and must be used on each entry and exit.

  • Maintain physical distancing and wear masks indoors

Under current rules, the centre can currently accommodate up to 20 guests indoors. Please be aware of maintaining physical distancing of the required 1.5m at all times.

  • Additional cleaning requirements

As the centre is used by a number of community groups, it is now a requirement that each group be responsible for appropriate cleaning after use. This includes santising door handles and benches etc.


For more information, please refer to general Department of Health and Human Services advisories or contact Maree Rothwell