Steels Creek Association

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Steels Creek Association Inc. (SCA) incorporated in October 2012. The group evolved from a community consultation process in Jan/Feb 2012, initially facilitated by a consultant commissioned by the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund (VBAF), to identify the ongoing needs of our community following the Black Saturday fires.

Once the needs had been identified, with a good deal of involvement from the local community, a handful of people volunteered to carry on the process, at that point principally with the aim of applying for the last allocation of VBAF funding. During that process, it became apparent that the VBAF funding, because of the grant guidelines, wouldn’t be able to address all the needs that had been identified, and so a broader purpose for the group emerged.

The group of people who stayed on beyond the completion of the application submission became the first committee of management when the group incorporated.

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SCA’s third Annual General Meeting was held at the Steels Creek Community Centre on Wednesday 2 September 2015, 7 pm. See below for current committee members.


SCA Inc has received VBAF funding to run three ‘umbrella’ projects (Health & Wellbeing, Community Capacity-building, Project Management & Communications), each of which has a number of components, to be delivered in various stages up to mid-2015.

VBAF Project Overview

SCA has also secured funding from the Foundation from Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) for a couple of projects:

Steels Creek track improvement
This project has seen improvement to the amenity of the Steels Creek track by creating a number of ‘touchpoints’ – areas with seating, planting and signage (to come) that identifies significant environmental, social and historical markers – at which people can rest and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and connect with fellow track-users.

Family and Community Resilience Workshops
SCA Inc secured funding for a series of skills-building workshops, facilitated by Michael Burge, conducted throughout 2014. These built on the post-traumatic stress seminars held in 2013, and were aimed at providing practical skills and support to those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. 

Committee of Management

SCA’s current Committee of Management, elected at the second AGM on 10 September 2014:
President – Stephanie Giffard
Vice-president – Tim Edwards
Treasurer – Melinda Koth
Secretary – Maree Rothwell
Ordinary committee members – Barb Ashmore, Kerrie Williams

SCA Rules of Association

Minutes of SCA, AGM 2013