Steels Creek Community Centre Committee

This page provides the community with updates and information from the SCCC Committee. Click on the + signs to expand the lists. Note that we’re still compiling this information from past committee meetings. If you need something in particular and it’s not listed here, let us know.

For details on the current committee members and contact details or for more information on the community center’s facilities click here.

Community members can now log into the accounts system here. (use username: and c0mmunity – with a zero)

Committee documents relating to the running of the centre (that are not meeting minutes) are available here


2023 Annual General Meeting: 13-Nov-2022

Ordinary Meetings

15-Apr-2024 Meeting Minutes
12-Feb-2024 Meeting Minutes


2022 Annual General Meeting: 08-Sep-2022

Ordinary Meetings

08-May-2023 Meeting Minutes
27-Feb-2023 Meeting Minutes
08-Aug-2022 Meeting Minutes


2021 Annual General Meeting: 18-Nov-2021


2019 Annual General Meeting: 19-Aug-2019

Ordinary Meetings

04-Feb-2020 Meeting Minutes


24-Jun-2019: Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual General Meeting: 18-Sep-2018

Ordinary Meetings

13-Nov-2018: Meeting Minutes
10-Sep-2018: Meeting Minutes


2017 Annual General Meeting: 20-Sep-2017


2016 Annual General Meeting: 17-Aug-2016

Ordinary Meetings

23-Nov-2016: Meeting Agenda
05-Oct-2016: Meeting Agenda, Committee Meeting Minutes, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
20-Jul-2016: Meeting Agenda, Committee Meeting Minutes
13-Apr-2016: Meeting Agenda
24-Feb-2016: Meeting AgendaCommittee Meeting Minutes


2015 Annual General Meeting: 9-Sep-2015

7-Oct-2015: Meeting Agenda
1-Jul-2015: Committee Meeting Minutes