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The Jolly Thing* provides not only current entertainment and information, but also, over time, becomes an invaluable historical archive of the people, places and events of Steels Creek. The State Library of Victoria is archiving the document, and this website, as significant historial records. You can now even search the Jolly Thing archive online.

Free printed copies are available at Yarra Glen Post Office and the Steels Creek Community Centre.

Postal Subscription is $6 – contact circulation manager Malcolm Calder on 5965 2372.

NOTE: Some editions in the archive include additional links for TJT Extra to download as a separate PDF. There are no printed versions of the TJT Extra available.

Play a part in telling our community story by submitting something to The Jolly Thing (use the form here). Stories of fiction or non-fiction are particularly appreciated and, who knows, your story might see you as the next annual recipient of our prestigious local literary award! (see below for details)


We Have New TJT Editor(s) 

Many thanks to Morgan Calder and Sally Belford for picking up the role of editor for the Jolly Thing from Sept 2018. Morgan and Sally follow in the footsteps of our formidable, long time editor, Angie Lloyd. Angie picked up the batten from David Allan several years ago. Thank you Angie and David!

2014 Literary Award Winner

Congratulations to Erin-Marie O’Neill – winner of the last-ever Chris Mullen Award for Literary Excellence – for a beautiful photo (a picture tells a thousand words) of a frosty morning in Steels Creek.

From 2015, CMALE is transitioning to a new award that honours the life and work of the late Andrew Chapman – former editor of, and contributor to, The Jolly Thing (winning the Chris Mullen award in 2013), as well as to the Steels Creek community in general. The new award will be known as the ‘JT Wilberforce Creative Communications Award’. The name celebrates the title of the books of children’s stories (whimsical animal tales of Steels Creek) that Andrew had recently published. It will be administered by Andrew’s wife, Judith, and daughter, Alexandra, in consultation with the Editor of The Jolly Thing. The award will encourage a wide range of creative effort, including writing, art and photography. The only criteria will be that items can be published in The Jolly Thing.


Introducing TJT Extra

In recent editions of The Jolly Thing (TJT), readers will have noted an increasing number of articles and contributions by community members. TJT welcomes these contributions and encourages all community members to submit their ‘Creative Communications’.

However, the printed version of TJT is deliberately kept to a maximum of 12 A4 sides, so space is quite limited. It may be that some contributions cannot be included in the printed pages, even when they clearly deserve to be.

For this reason, an ‘attachment’ to each edition of The Jolly Thing – TJT Extra – will be available for download so that these contributions can be enjoyed.

All contributions that are published in either the printed version of TJT or in TJT Extra will be eligible for consideration for the JT Wilberforce Creative Communications Award, to be judged each December.

Each current edition of TJT Extra will have a link on this page to enable download. Each edition will also be archived alongside that edition of The Jolly Thing it was attached to, and accessed via the ‘archive’ link (as below).

Archive of past editions

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* We gratefully acknowledge Peter England (Hoogies of Yarra Glen), for his continued support of the Steels Creek Community and The Jolly Thing.