Steels Creek Community Centre Maintenance

This page is intended to keep track of maintenance issues at the centre. If you find something that needs to be fixed or addressed, please contact us.

Scheduled maintenance

Last updatedWhoItemNotes
19th June 2023Ivan FilsellAir conditioning filtersThese must be cleaned every three months. The controller batteries also need to be replaced. The filters should be cleaned and replaced DRY and the units run for 15 mins after cleaning. This stops dust and residue getting through to the coils.
Keith MontellWater filtersThese must be cleaned or replaced every three months
Keith MontellWindow CleaningNormally done around September or as required
17th Aug 2023CleanerBathroomsPaper hand towels for reorder: Call KLEENPACK 1300 737 430. ORDER CODE IS 4440. Dispenser model is 20110805. DELIVERY TO PRIVATE ADDRESS (or PO). Pay by credit card.