Community Noticeboard

This section is all about helping us get connected – with each other, with what’s going on. You can post your own article for inclusion on the website, the Grapevine, or the Jolly Thing.

> What’s On

Community events,  programs and classes, calendar.

> Pinboard

Lost your dog? Looking to start a club?
Want to share something you’ve learnt or found out about?
Have a problem you want solved?

This page is your opportunity to connect with others in the community to share those things that aren’t ‘news’, but that you want to get ‘out there’.

> Your Views

A communication portal for our community. Polls, feedback, links to people and agencies that can support us or affect us.

> Trading Post

Got something to sell?
Looking to buy a special something you can’t find in the shops any more, or don’t feel comfortable buying online from ebay?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, this page is here for free, to help you make some cash or help you find what you need.