2020 CFA Community Fireguard Online Course

The CFA has scheduled an online 2020 Community Fireguard (CFG) course to be ran across 3 nights in December; details are in the attached flyer – Registrations will be accepted via this link: https://cfa-vic-gov-au.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5EpduqtrTIpGdGKhC4InW0qtYeCsIUU4l1j

The latest Fire Guardian newsletter is also available here.


As part of the Community Fireguard Group program, it is a requirement that at least one person from each household that is part of the firetree group has completed the core program and attended a CFG maintenance meeting bi-annually. To assist CFG members who may not have done or completed the 6 core sessions, we schedule these courses.


The courses are for people in your group who have not attended the ‘CFG core program’ meetings or may have missed some meetings or for those who would just like a refresher.

Please note, CFG courses are not for general public, they are only for CFG group members. We understand that online sessions aren’t everybody’s preference and we hope to schedule some face to face CFG courses in 2021

Please distribute this information through your CFG group. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tarryn Campbell Community Engagement Coordinator Community Safety – North East Region – District 13 – 272 Maroondah Hwy Chirnside Park VIC 3116 T: 03 8739 4013  M: 0428 955 970  F: 03 8739 1382  E: t.campbell@cfa.vic.gov.au