Beyond Bushfires Research to Continue – 10 Years On

Professor Lisa Gibbs and her colleagues at the University of Melbourne are planning to get back in touch with the original study participants of the Beyond Bushfires study over the next couple of months.  

The survey will look at how people are managing 10 years after the 2009 bushfires, to build an understanding of the longer term experiences of those affected by disasters.

We are aware that for some, participating in the survey may not be the right choice at this time and we completely understand and respect that.  Others may find the process of participating in the research helpful or appreciate being able to make a contribution, as we found in the previous stages of this study.

We really appreciate how much people have already contributed. The findings from the original Beyond Bushfires study have been widely used in Victoria, Australia and internationally to improve emergency recovery planning and services. Given that long-term experiences are not as well-understood or as well-researched as short-term recovery, we hope that this research will make an important contribution in addressing this gap in knowledge.

We need to know about a range of bushfire experiences, including those of people who were less impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires. It was the inclusion of people with many different experiences that made the Beyond Bushfires research findings so strong and influential.

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