Post Covid Update from Yarra Ranges Shire

  1. New group in Healesville – No Reason for Rubbish
  2. Council jobs – Youth Development Officers
  3. Find My Crew Pilot Program – looking for groups and organisations to get involved helping locals
  4. Healesville Living and Learning Centre – Looking for Peer Supporters
  5. Yarra Glenergy Updates and call out for new members
  6. Yarra Ranges Council Australia Day Awards – nominations now open
  7. Temporary Outdoor Dining Permits
  8. Yarra Ranges Community Changemakers Program – 2 free sessions online (see attached flyer)
  9. Window swap


  1. There is a new group in Healesville called No Reason for Rubbish. Their goal is simple – to engage like-minded people who care for the environment. Families, friends, local footy/cricket clubs, community groups – they are calling for all “Rubbish Warriors” to join in the fight against litter. No Reason for Rubbish can be found here
  2. Two jobs going at Council for Youth Development Officers who will use a place-based community development approach embedding principles of youth voice, inclusion and access. For more information –
  3. Find My Crew is a new online platform that links people who need help, to local groups from their neighbourhood who are willing and able to provide help. Yarra Ranges Council is one of three LGAs involved in the pilot program and we need more groups involved to give help and link helpers with people who would benefit from more support. More information about the program can be found here. To express your group’s interest in being involved please contact Kelly Hofert at Council 9294 6764
  4. Healesville Living and Learning Centre are looking for people who have experienced challenges with their mental health and are interested in becoming peer supporters for others in the community experiencing mental health challenges. HLLC is running a four week program this November to support people to become peer supporters for up and coming Rivendell@HLLC programs. Contact Shona at HLLC on 5962 5982 or via email
  5. Yarra Glenergy are doing some great things reducing carbon emissions in the Yarra Glen community. This year they have donated two solar power supply systems to the Bowls Club and the Football and Netball Club and provided a presentation to community about climate change. They are currently working on their next project – installation of a fast charging Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Yarra Glen. Yarra Glenergy is looking for more members to help with their great work. Please contact Further information at,
  6. Yarra Ranges Council Australia Day Award nominations are now open – Why not nominate a Yarra Ranges resident that you know who has done great things in a difficult year to make our community more resilient, connected, supported and generally better for people and/or the environment.
  7. You may know a local retailer (or be missing going to a local café) who would be interested in a temporary outdoor dining permit. Please share this info with them:
  8. I am involved in putting together the Yarra Ranges Community Changemakers Program starting with 2 free online sessions for Yarra Ranges residents 18+ years of age who would like to explore how they can play a part in increasing their community’s resilience, connectedness, vibrancy and wellbeing. Flyer attached. I would love it if you could share the jpeg flyer on your social media. Even better, send it on to a couple of people you know who you think would be great at this. Registrations here:
  9. Hopefully I won’t feel compelled to share COVID lockdown stories any more. But to finish with, I found this quite hypnotic and lovely and it made me feel connected to the world at a time when we are all experiencing variations of a shared challenge.

Jessica Adams
Yarra Ranges Shire Council