Steels Creek Landcare – Volunteer Student Program

Do you need any help around your property?

Volunteers are again available to assist landowners to undertake a range of tasks. Activities, which you might describe as “high volume low complexity”, have previously included tree planting, firewood stacking, fence removal, property tidy up, weed control plus a whole lot more. The current volunteers groups are made up of 8 to 10 students with 1 to 3 supervisors.

Basic tools, gloves and high visibility vests are supplied. Depending on the task/s to be undertaken, you may also need to organise appropriate tools yourself, e.g .wheelbarrows, shovels etc. We do ask that you also provide some light refreshment for the students if possible.

I would really like to build up a list of Steels Creek Landcare Members who are willing to have the volunteer students work on their property so that we can assist as many people as we can.

Billanook are coming out the week of September 17th and the week of November 19th.
Fairhills have just been out and are yet to confirm further visits.
Please reply to Jennifer Duncan
Steels Creek Landcare Volunteer Co-ordinator.
duncans at or 9730 1313