Please Contribute – Black Saturday Commemorative Edition

The next Jolly Thing is a Black Saturday commemorative edition. A special edition, marking 10 years and we are calling Screekians near and far to contribute. This is a reflective time for our community, although you may draw upon some tough and challenging  memories, many great and wonderful things have come from it also.

  • Teens and young adults, you were kids back then… maybe finished school? What are you up to now??
  • How has your property changed?
  • Have you had visitors from afar? What do they think of Steels Creek now?
  • Have you moved into the Valley in the last few years? What drew you here?… tell us your story.
  • What’s the one big thing you have changed in your life in the last 10 years?
  • Share a picture, then and now, or perhaps an artwork?
  • There are many stories about the folks we knew and loved, who perished or since passed on, share one with us.
  • Has our community had a positive influence on another community? How?

All stories and other contributions related or not to the commemoration of Black Saturday are also very welcome!

Steels Creek Community Groups and regular contributors, this is a perfect time to send us your updates too. They are they backbone of The Jolly Thing and the community.

Please email your piece to:

Deadline – JANUARY 27 2019